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An SEO Podcast

The SEO Show is an SEO podcast about search engine optimisation. And that sentence was some dodgy SEO copywriting. Learn how to do a better job with this podcast! In The SEO Show, hosts Michael Costin and Arthur Fabik talk all things search engine optimisation, drawing from a decade working on the SEO front-lines both client side and agency side. Each episode they explore relevant and topical ideas in a fun and interesting way to help business owners & marketers improve their SEO skills, grow their Google visibility and separate golden advice from the snake-oil. The SEO Show is released every Tuesday.

So why start another SEO podcast? We felt we could bring a new perspective to things based on our decade plus working in SEO in Australia. We decided to launch our podcast with an audience of business owners and people trying to improve SEO themselves in mind.

The episodes are kept light and focus on the key information, and try to cut through the noise and technical speak that some in the SEO world can be guilty of over using. We’re on a mission to help business owners improve their marketing and understand SEO better so that when they do work with an agency or freelancer they can’t get hoodwinked.

Topics discussed on the podcast include the four pillars of SEO – technical optimisation, onsite optimisation, user experience and offsite optimisation. One episode we might be discussing link building tactics and the next episode we might be discussing impactful copywriting tactics. In amongst that we’re interviewing leading minds from the SEO industry.

The first fifteen or so episodes of this SEO podcast focus on the foundational knowledge you need when working on an SEO campaign. If you listen to them in a row you’ll get a great understanding of the important parts of SEO. From there, the episodes shift to discussions about interesting tactics, topical things in the world of SEO and interviews with leading practitioners.

You can listen to the SEO Show wherever you get your podcasts including on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. And if you enjoy listening in we’d really appreciate it if you could subscribe and leave us a review wherever you listen – it really helps the podcast.

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