Intro to The SEO Show: We Fix Bad SEO Advice

Intro to The SEO Show: We Fix Bad SEO Advice

Intro to The SEO Show: We Fix Bad SEO Advice

Episode 001

A quick introduction to your hosts and the general premise of The SEO Show.



Michael 0:11
Welcome to the SEO, it’s show got a basic name, but I tell you the content is going to be pretty good. My name is Michael. And I’m joined today by Arthur, how’re you doing?

Arthur 0:20
I’m good. How are you?

Michael 0:21
Yeah, not too bad. I’m feeling a little awkward talking into a microphone whilst looking at you, but I’m sure i will warm into it. But yeah, look, I wanted to introduce why we’re doing this show, and what to expect moving forward with the SEO show. So the SEO show is the search engine optimization show. And we’re going to be talking about all things SEO. So tips, tactics, little tricks we’ve picked up over the past decade or so that we’ve both been in this game. And the reason we’re wanting to talk about this is because we deal with business owners in our agency jobs every day, we see a lot of them get banned, or a lot of them be confused about terminology and lingo and sort of having the wool pulled over pulled over their eyes by SEO salespeople. So we’re gonna demystify it a bit and just talk about things. I guess from the frontlines of doing this stuff all day long and share our knowledge and help business owners be around an informed with more information that can help them make good decisions when it comes to SEO. So it’s a bit of a rambling way of getting into things, but um, I guess I wanted to maybe throw it out there, and he can explain a bit about himself, and then I’ll do the same. So you can see that we do know what we’re talking about. And we have a bit of value to add here. So yeah, but tell us about you and your adventures with SEO. Sure.

Arthur 1:34
So I started doing SEO eight years ago, I did a marketing degree at uni, had no idea what I wanted to do with myself. I was looking for jobs. Basically everyone was looking for experience. I had basically no idea what I wanted to do. One of my friends was working at the iconic going SEO. She basically said, you know, why don’t you give it a crack. You love tech, you’re a bit of a nerd. You like marketing, kind of all fits together. So I applied for a junior SEO role at an agency called DGM. got the job. I was basically started off as a junior link builder, worked my way up, move to another agency called Columbus stayed there for a year working in accounts such as Woolworths, David Jones, Optus, and yeah, a year into that yourself. And Dom approached me to see if I wanted to come work with you guys at Local Digital. Obviously, I jumped at the opportunity have been there for a bit over five years now. And it’s been amazing. Yeah, the everything. The company has grown so much over the last five years. Yeah, you’re I am.

Michael 2:38
The best five years of your life you were saying off mic before, right?

Arthur 2:41
Yeah, best five years. Yeah, yeah,

Michael 2:43
Your 100 bucks is over there. But um, I guess you spend your days doing SEO for clients. Right? Yeah. Pretty much what you do all day every day, basically? Yeah. Yeah. So you know, a thing or two about SEO? you’d hope say I can impart a bit of knowledge here after eight years. Yeah. You think I’d pick something up? Yeah, well, nice. I guess I’ll give a real quick overview of myself as well. I discovered SEO back in 2009, I was working at a car rental company that was trying to drum up more business. So I did a bit of reading about Google AdWords and an SEO and the like, and basically gave it a crack on their website, and had some wins. You know, I saw some leads coming in off the Google ads, got the website ranking for some keywords that we were going after. And before too long, I wanted to be doing SEO all day every day, rather than working at a car rental company. So I too, went out and pounded the pavement, spoke to a few agencies and got a job at one worked there for a few years ago, promoted a couple of times and was able to learn a lot. You know, we were working on clients like Harvey Norman, Suncorp Group, UNICEF, Rebel sport, he became just, you know, really big sort of enterprise clients, great team, they had great knowledge in the team and really learned a lot. before too long with that business. You know, we were sort of seeing when I say we, me and my business partner Dom, we’re seeing clients coming along, or potential clients coming along that were being turned away because they either didn’t have enough monthly budget, or they they weren’t the right fit for the agency. So they would then go on to have a bad experience with what I call a cowboy operation. So these are businesses or agencies that will sign up anyone and everyone and not really give much thought to strategy or what’s right for the customer. They’re just trying to grow their own business, first and foremost. So we wanted to bring what we had learned at that enterprise agency to the smaller medium end of the market and we did that five or six years ago now six years ago now. And yeah, it’s been really our passion ever since so working on SEO for clients all day every day and yeah, just love talking about it, love doing it and run affiliate websites on the side love ranking websites and sort of playing the game of the Google rankings. So that’s pretty much why we feel we can talk about SEO on a podcast and hopefully share our knowledge. Anything you want to add to that other?

Arthur 4:58
No, I think you covered it off pretty well.

Michael 4:59
Yeah, cool. Well, basically what we’re going to do with this podcast is, you know, for the first few episodes, we’re going to really break SEO down to its core principles. We’re going to talk about all the foundational stuff, all of the quick wind type stuff, all the grounding knowledge that you know, business owners should have, if they’re wanting to do SEO themselves, or if they’re wanting to engage in agency so that they can at least talk the talk and separate the the charlatans from the different operators. So we’re going to break that down episode by episode. And once we get through that, we’re then going to start getting into more tactical stuff more granular stuff around, you know, different SEO things going on in the world SEO tactics and the like. So that’s the general plan of things we will probably improve over time in the way we present. I really hope so. I’m sure we will look at were a couple of computer Ned’s coming here and trying to talk about SEO. So our skills will will improve. But the content is always going to be good once we get into it. So we hope you stick around and we’ll see you in the next episode.

Arthur 6:01
See ya

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