Merry Xmas… See You Next Year

Merry Xmas… See You Next Year

Merry Xmas… See You Next Year

Episode 025

The final episode for 2021… we’re just saying a quick thanks for listening and letting you know about our plans for 2022… as well as talking about cricket and eggnog for some reason.

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Local Digital 0:04
It’s time for the SEO show where a couple of nerds talk search engine optimization, so you can learn to compete in Google and grow your business online. Now, here’s your host, Michael and Arthur.

Michael 0:25
Welcome to the SEO show. No, good.

Arthur 0:29
No, it’s good. Yeah, don’t

Michael 0:30
say because ready once they are going to use a sound effect. It’s Christmas time it is on the SCI show. We’re just saying Happy Christmas. Yeah,

Arthur 0:42
we don’t really have anything planned for today, other than just to say, thank you.

Michael 0:46
Yeah. It’s been a bit of a weird year, you know, working from the studio and then going from home and missing a few episodes and back to the studio. And we’ve tried to keep up with the episodes hopefully hope that you’ve learned something from it. But we are at the end of the year now. This is going to be the last episode for this year for 21. We’ll be back in January. I’m not sure when mid January probably

Arthur 1:11
depends when you can be bothered. Probably mid January, let’s

Michael 1:14
just say mid January. Yeah. About them. So um, if we go missing over this period, don’t worry. We’ll be on a beach somewhere. Still doing SEO? Yeah. I’ll be at the cricket on Boxing Day. Oh, nice. Animal.

Arthur 1:28
Yeah, you love your cricket.

Michael 1:29
My third ashes at the MCG? No, I’ve never been to an ashes. Well, my next one I want to go to when it loads. Everything that’s on my bucket list. I don’t know where we’re talking about cricket. Now now a very special Christmas episode. Let’s talk about everything Christmas wants to tell you what happens at Christmas time. And that’s yet what Google will release an algorithm update. Right on the last year,

Arthur 1:55
wasn’t it when we had a Christmas party? Yeah, they do it all the time to have a Christmas party. They dropped an algo update. Yeah, crazy.

Michael 2:02
So the we’re recording this a little bit before the last week in December. But if an algorithm update happens, don’t worry. In the new year, it’s time to fix it. Yeah, yeah. Just enjoy your break. Enjoy your holidays. dri eggnog. Yep. I like eggnog.

Arthur 2:18
We don’t have an we have brandy costed here. It’s similar.

Michael 2:22
If you get an Audi E, but you know, I get Yeah, they’ve got eggnog. Yeah. Isn’t it just brandy custard? What? No, thank No, like it’s like, isn’t good. It’s not custard. It’s liquid like a milky consistency. Cinnamon. This is

Arthur 2:35
great content, by the way. Eggnog is just like liquid Koston. So

Michael 2:40
it’s got a cinnamon taste to it. Yeah. Yeah. You put Yeah, yeah. So we

Arthur 2:44
I think we just refer to it as costed here. Anyway, I know what you’re talking about. I do I do like it. I bet if you went to good a bit of Bailey’s in there, it’s great. Yeah, I

Michael 2:54
had a whiskey. Yeah, whiskey, or what I have, like brandy or something. Anyway,

Arthur 3:01
it’s brandy. Because it brandy costs it is common. Hmm. The problem is, it’s

Michael 3:04
not cold here. So you’re drinking it on like a hot summer’s day. You drink a cold? I know. But like in America, or wherever they’re drinking it around the fireplace, like brandies warming, but anyway, people don’t care about this. No, we just want to say thank you for tuning in this year. Yes, we will be back in the new year with more episodes, new content, some guests. We’re going to do a lot more guests. You know, now that we’ve got all the basics out of the way, all the boring stuff. All of the early intro episodes, the foundational stuff, the boring stuff is off to serve. Yes, it’s time to stop bringing in SEO practitioners. Picking the brains of some SEO gurus and esteemed gurus will get them in the house. You music maybe we’ve kicked around the idea of a the new music or a new voiceover just to freshen things up in the new year I became for so I’m trying to convince off that to sing. I will say oh my god with that. We’ll see how we go. Yeah, okay. Well, anyway, thank you. Happy Christmas. Have a great holiday period and we’ll see you in the New Year.

Unknown Speaker 4:07
Merry Christmas.

Michael 4:08
Merry Christmas. Bye bye.

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