Merry Xmas – See You In 2023

Merry Xmas – See You In 2023

Merry Xmas – See You In 2023

Episode 063

The final episode for 2022… we’re just saying a quick thanks for listening and letting you know about our plans for 2023.

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Michael 0:00
Hi guys, we don’t run ads on this show, we don’t try and make money from it. We don’t even really promote our agency on it. So we’re not asking anything of you normally, but I do have a little ask now, if you’ve enjoyed the show, if you’ve got value from it, if you could please go leave a review wherever you get your podcast. It’ll really help us get this show in the hands of more listeners and help more business owners. All right, let’s get into the show.

Unknown Speaker 0:23
It’s time for the SEO show where a couple of nerds talk search engine optimization so you can learn to compete in Google and grow your business online. Now, here’s your hosts Michael and Arthur.

Michael 0:49
Merry Christmas. Wow. Same as last year. I’m having flashbacks.

Arthur 0:55
Oh, did we do this last year?

Michael 0:56
Exactly. This? I do not remember at all. Because it’s a magical time of year.

Arthur 1:00
It is my favourite time of the year.

Michael 1:02
Yes, it’s Christmas time on the FEI che. I literally I think this is exactly the conversation we had last year. We have a bit more interesting stuff to cover this time around. Do we? Yeah, well, last year in this episode. In this episode, last year, we spoke about eggnog and test match cricket. Yeah.

Arthur 1:19
Unfortunately, Australia is playing the West Indies. So it’s not that well, interesting.

Michael 1:25
Got modest double tunning and then tunning in the same test match and Steve Smith, not even getting out once did you watch? Not really? No. I was doing stuff all weekend. But look, let’s talk the SEO show not cricket. Okay. We’re coming into the down period of the year where we take time off. So we just wanted to quickly do this Christmas episode like we did last year. So thanks for tuning in to our show over 2022. Hopefully you learned some stuff and you found it useful. We can see the downloads have grown quite a bit over the year.

Arthur 1:57
Yeah, it’s been a very big year. A lot of guests that you interview.

Michael 2:01
Yes, lots of guests. We have most of them, but we had guests. There’s more to come next year.

Arthur 2:09
Do we have any big plans for next year?

Michael 2:11
Well, I have I have three things that I wanted to call out for what we’re planning for next year.

Arthur 2:15
You haven’t run these pipes me before? So I’m finding out what everyone else? Yeah,

Michael 2:19
well, you you are aware. But yeah, well, we’ll find out. Right, the first one. We’re gonna start doing SEO news episodes. Okay. Because lots of stuff happens from month to month and might you know, we’ll give each episode a theme. But we thought it would be good to do regular once a month episodes that recap. The month. That was in SEO.

Arthur 2:40
Okay. So just a little chat about everything that’s happened.

Michael 2:43
Yeah, little chat about things that happened glitches, indexing things, algorithm updates, scary, whatever, you know, just basically trolling through the news from the past month and calling up stuff we think is interesting.

Arthur 2:55
Do you have a nice catchy name for that episode, segment, whatever you want to call it.

Michael 3:00
Last month in SEO? Well, exciting on the SEO side, I don’t know let’s workshop that in the new year,

Arthur 3:07
we’re trying to grow our fan base. Yeah.

Michael 3:11
Well, if anyone out there has a cool idea, reach out on Twitter or website or something and let us know. But for now, whatever the news type, and this segues, I think into the next topic. Now this one, we haven’t even really discussed that much, or with the people that might be doing but we think it’d be good to bring in more of the local digital SEO gang. Into the episodes we do hear.

Arthur 3:37
We discussed this, we discuss it,

Michael 3:39
they have no idea that we are talking about them coming on the show. But I guess if they listened, they might know. But those news episodes for example, maybe the team who they already do this stuff for our clients, right? We give updates on what’s going on in the world of SEO to our clients. They can bring those chats in here, maybe get a few new voices on the show. That’s not us all the time. Why not? Why not? Well, I can think of a few reasons. I guess if it fails, which was terrible to listen to, but

Arthur 4:06
I have full confidence in our team. I don’t think it’s going to fail. Yeah, yeah. If anything, I think there’ll be there’ll be better than us maybe probably more prepared a lot of the time what’s number three? Well guess Okay. Well,

Michael 4:20
I didn’t think I needed to run that one policy but there’s guests that will approach like we’ve done so far. But then if there’s people listening right now that know a thing or two about SEO, you’re interested in coming on reach out and we might be able to have you on the show.

Arthur 4:35
Do you have like a wish list of people you want to interview that you haven’t already? Well, maybe one or two?

Michael 4:42
Oh yeah there’s a few names that I haven’t reached out to yet

Arthur 4:45
you want to drop them on the podcast I’ll

Michael 4:46
I will reach out to them there’s there’s probably four or five more that would have been on the list. Pretty much everyone I’ve reached out to said yes. So far.

Arthur 4:56
Is that like one particular person that you’re dying to interview There is I can see you smirking.

Michael 5:03
No, there’s not no one that I’m dying to. Let’s go. Larry Page co founder of Google. Okay, we’ll bring him on. Should I aim for the what is it? I am for the moon. If you miss you’re amongst the stars. Yeah. Anyway. We’re gonna take a little break now with the show for the next few weeks. Loosely, it could be three or four weeks, I guess. So, over the summer, what we’ll do is publish some episodes from the vault so that there’s new SEO content coming out for people you can listen to it on Christmas Day and New Year’s day if you wanted to begin to have content coming up

Arthur 5:37
Christmas Day on rocket presents and have the voices of author and Miko in the background talking about link building. I am concerned for you

Michael 5:45
if that’s what you choose to do with the Christmas, but it’s an option. But um, look, that’s it right. Um, is there anything that you wanted to spring on me? Um,

Arthur 5:54
no, I don’t want to spring anything on you. I would never do that. Okay, I’m looking forward to next year. I’m hoping to maybe interview some people myself.

Michael 6:02
Ah, that’s what we’ll do after we’ll do more solo interviews. Yeah, that’s me. Yeah.

Arthur 6:08
Cool. Add that to the list. Add it to the list. That’s it. All right, papers. Well, have a happy I guess Christmas and New Year and we’ll talk to you in 2023

Michael 6:18
I thought you’re gonna sing like a have a very

Arthur 6:21
good I press the button. Do it.

Michael 6:26
Merry Christmas, y’all. Bye.

Unknown Speaker 6:29
Thanks for listening to the SEO show. If you like what you heard, don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review wherever you get your podcasts. It will really help the show. We’ll see you in the next episode.

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