SEO… But Stolen From Social

SEO… But Stolen From Social

SEO… But Stolen From Social

Episode 069

We’re back at it stealing from social this week – we’ve once again shamelessly trawled Reddit and Twitter for SEO topics to have a chat about on the show. Listen in for the debut of our high production, very special intro music for the segment.

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
want a second opinion on your SEO? Go to local Today you claim a free proposal. We’ll take a look at your site, your competitors and your market and let you know what we think. All right, let’s get into the show.

Unknown Speaker 0:13
It’s time for the SEO show where a couple of nerds talk search engine optimization so you can learn to compete in Google and grow your business online. Now, here’s your hosts, Michael and Arthur.

Unknown Speaker 0:35
Hello, and welcome to the SEO show. I’m Michael Causton. And I’m joined by

Unknown Speaker 0:41
author phallic. I don’t think I had to announce myself. I thought you were gonna do it. Well, you’ve bitched and moaned in the past, and I’m not letting you in as yourself. Now I do and you you fray on the spot, or I didn’t fry. I’m frying now. Did you put me on the spot? Yep, I did. How you doing? How’s the house?

Unknown Speaker 1:02
Let’s talk SEO. We’ve got an exciting episode today. Of Well, I wanted to boast about the Super Bowl before we did. Yeah. Yeah, it was cool.

Unknown Speaker 1:11
And it was cool. Last two minutes were a bit questionable. Did you decide which team you’re actually going for these days?

Unknown Speaker 1:17
No, I haven’t. I was going for the Eagles. I go for the chiefs. Yes. Because you go for the Chiefs spot. I think that that last the holding penalty was bullshit. And what was he held him? Did he didn’t really hold him down though. Did he? Yeah, he talked on his jersey. What was not cool about that? They hadn’t called that sort of stuff or game which Well, that’s the thing. Yeah. And with two minutes to go tied up at 35 Each, like, yeah. Would you say that it decided the the game? I don’t think it decided at night. Because because they let like they’d let a punt returner run nearly the length of the field. And that wasn’t the rest fault. Or they, you know, what else did they do? Well, there’s just a lot of like controversy and and people saying that it’s rigged and scripted and stuff like that doesn’t really help. No, it was a good game up until the last two minutes. enjoyable. Congratulations. You did well. Thank you. I’ve put a lot of Hopwood load into it. I’m sure you’re wearing your Patrick mahomes shirt. I had a generic chief said on that day. I

Unknown Speaker 2:22
couldn’t find my mind. But it was cool. Good halftime. Good. Good enough halftime show with Rihanna. Yeah, I was underwhelmed. Did you watch any underwhelmed I was just whelmed. Did you watch any of the commercials from the States? No, not one. It was a good one with the Breaking Bad for the courtship. I sent it to you never watched it doesn’t matter. Now, those are really good one Breaking Bad kind of stalled. The two guys I remember the name Heisenberg and Jesse Jesse. And they were like making centre making drugs or making like chips. And it was the Mexican guy from season one. Yeah. Okay. So that as well. So it’s pretty cool. Yeah, what’s Breaking Bad? Anyway, we’re not here to talk about civil war. What are we I tell you what we’re here to do this week. We’re here to present another episode of stolen.

Unknown Speaker 3:09
Stolen, stolen from social.

Unknown Speaker 3:12
Nice. Yep, we have been on social media looking around at stuff that we think will be fun to talk about. And we have a few topics that we’ve stolen from social. And the first one is pretty funny. It is one of the best cons. One of the most nonsense cons I’ve ever seen. But you have to say fair play to the guy being able to pull it off. If it’s true. If it’s true, you can’t believe anything you read online. But let’s assume it is true. Probably not believe anything. You read one. But anyway. Yeah. So this guy said I recently moved to a new company that sells goods to several European markets and found out that the FCA guy has been travelling to one of our target markets, just to upload posts to Facebook insists on that doing this gives our business and social profiles better reach and ranking in the eyes of the algos and inverted commas. So this guy has managed to convince his bosses that he needs a company paid for trip to where let’s say he’s in England, he needs to go off to Germany or Estonia or France or Spain, just to upload posts, because it will help the average. What a genius.

Unknown Speaker 4:23
You got to appreciate the Yeah, I mean, if they fell for it good on him. Yeah. So um, this actually, do we have any clients in Europe, by the way? Oh, yes. Okay, you’re not getting a trip. Okay. We know better at the SEO. So this used to be a thing with tagging like Meditite metadata and images for local SEO. And if you remember that, but like, you could tag the when you upload a photo, the metadata can have the location that was taken in is this Facebook you talking about? This is to the web, just a photo right? So let’s say you upload it to Imager or something. What year are we talking? Many

Unknown Speaker 5:00
years ago, before my time maybe might have been around my time anyway, it was nonsense anyway. Yeah, sure. But yeah, the idea was that you could tag the photo with location data and it would be a ranking signal. This guy is taking that to the next level. We I guess the cheaper option would be to use a VPN and post via VPN from that location. But hey, if he got if he gets free trips out of it going on. Yeah. I like the first comment. So this one was from Reddit. And the first top most upvoted comment was this guys that go to have scamming lol? I’m actually really impressed. Which is true. Reminds me of one of our colleagues from DGM. Yeah, we’ve had a colleague in the past that could always find a little angle. And we thought he was the best seo angle scout of all time, but this guy takes a cake. Hey, it might be him. Maybe, anyway.

Unknown Speaker 5:53
Wouldn’t surprise me. All right, well, let’s move on to the next one.

Unknown Speaker 5:58
What is the next one odd six, one, someone else in red? It was asking when will Google Ads take over the entire page one?

Unknown Speaker 6:06
Because at the moment, there’s a tonne of ads there.

Unknown Speaker 6:10
They say is it just in my head? Or is Google allowing more and more paid ads per serve? It seems like half the first page is ad sometimes. How long will it be before the entire first page is ads? Do you think that will ever happen? That’s a good question. I think no, I don’t think will ever happen. I think they will move to infinite scroll before they

Unknown Speaker 6:30
ever do that. Yeah, I can see you know, page 234 Not being a thing. The future and just having infinite scroll like some websites do. Yep. You just keep scrolling, basically. And then they’ll just have ads nestled in between the organic listings make it really difficult to determine which one’s organic. Which one’s an ad. Yeah, people won’t know. They’ll just be clicking. I guess the unsavoury all Google savvy people won’t know what they’re clicking on, sir. Yeah, that’s, that’s where I see it going. And that’s been their, I guess, approach all along. My ads used to have a big yellow background. Then they had a green Bible. I like looking at SERPs in the past. Just to see how much it’s kind of you because you don’t notice that it’s incremental changes button going back even five years ago, 10 years ago? 2010. It looked completely different. Like, yes. The ads were very clear cut. There was no shopping. Really? Yeah, I used to be ads on the right hand side as well. Yeah. On the sidebar, little battle. Yeah. Yeah. But um, I agree. I think it will. That’s definitely the next thing that’s coming on desktop and the test lab because it happened to me this week. Yeah. For a search query. I remember what it was, but it was infinite scroll. Yeah. And Google’s under pressure. Well, alphabet, the parent company to keep their share price up, just keep showing growth. Where does that come from when they’re already printing money hand over fist and dominating ads, ads more showing more ads? So yeah, infinite scroll is what we think. Someone an interesting comment in that thread with someone saying the only reason people tolerate being listed in search engines with their content at all for free, is because the benefit they get from SEO, you know, they get traffic. So they’re happy for the search engines to, you know, scrape their content or use their content. And if that goes too much the other way, then people will start blocking Google’s crawlers. And, you know, potentially it could hurt Google in the long run. So that that balance of the not listing their sites. Why would you want Google crawling? Yes, yep, exactly. Well, if all they’re doing is stealing, like, that’s the other thing with AI now, you know, just basically hoovering up data from across the web and answering questions. Where’s the incentive to create really good content that answers questions, if only to have it stolen by the search engines and this AI and get no benefit from it? No traffic, it’s going to disincentivize people creating content.

Unknown Speaker 8:47
Precisely. All right, well, let’s move on. Alright, the next one, because it’s when I dropped in there, and it was a little rant I wanted to go on. Okay. I love a good mic. Alright. Alright.

Unknown Speaker 8:58
Just a bit of whinging. That said some whinging. This is by Cody Palatka. Of the fun name to say plotless car at Cody Pluff on Twitter. Pluff.

Unknown Speaker 9:11
Yep, so he said this might not be popular but I’m very short Tik Tok between diu plateau so daily active user plateaus and security concerns. I think tick tock has peaked and is going down fast. I think it’s a lot easier for an existing platform, Instagram or YouTube to gain shorts dominance than it is for tic toc to do SEO, or statics. What does it mean by very short tic toc short then if you’re buying stock if you hold stock for the long term you think oh, sorry. So long. Yeah, no, saying he’s shortly he does not write tic toc. Okay, so interesting. Well, let’s hear read first. Well, I just hate tick tock. Hi. Really? Yeah, I think it’s a cancer on society. I think it’s probably

Unknown Speaker 10:00
A spy tool. It’s definitely a spy tool. Someone was Carmen where I read it. But though saying that the algorithm and China is very different to what the algorithm like is like, in the US, and in China, they show like different content to the youth to try to like, bring them up in a specific way. Whereas here, they just show people dancing and just random junk. Yes. And like kids minds are just getting warped and the our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, because it’s like really short form content.

Unknown Speaker 10:28
They can’t focus on anything for longer than like 10 seconds, because they’re just used to scrolling up and up and just watching these videos. I use reels like I like it. I don’t use it often, but maybe like five minutes a day. In the evenings. I’ll sit there and just go through. I don’t hate tick tock. Like some of the content is good, but a lot of its junk. Sure. Yeah. Overwatch Overall, though, that the fact that it’s just jamming stuff down people’s throats on such short attention spans and I don’t know that just people dancing in public. I guess they used to be used to be a crazy person for doing the stuff that a lot of people do now on Tik Tok. Oh, yeah, definitely. But anyway, I’m just I’m an old man. I’m not a fan. I’m getting old too. But I mean, he goes here, like an existing platform such as IG or YouTube. You know, look what happened to Snapchat, when some IG started doing stories. I don’t know anyone, like I’m probably not the target demographic anymore. But I’ve know anyone that uses Snapchat. I read that Snapchat has actually increased daily active users in Australia recently are really somehow wouldn’t be young younger kids. Yeah. But um, look tick tock has basically its its daily active users has started to plateau, or even decrease. So they’re sort of not really able, they’re not growing as much as they were before. And lots of you know, on the advertising side of things matter still dominates in terms of actually being able to get results from your ad spin. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 11:57
The performance on tick tock, they spent a lot of money you get because it’s kids views and stuff isn’t her money. Yeah. And it’s, yeah, yep, that’s what it is. Yeah, basically. I just wanted to call that out. It’s not even anything to do with SEO. It’s just a little chance to hate on Tik Tok a little bit Do you think it’s picked

Unknown Speaker 12:21
probably gotten like

Unknown Speaker 12:24
a bad name. May maybe there’s still a market out there for it to capture younger market I think older people more reluctant to use it if you’re not on Tik Tok. Now, I don’t think you’re ever gonna get on Tik Tok. Yeah, and I think it’s gonna get regulated. In more many reason I’d get Tik Tok is not to post content, but just to consume content. So most people that are using Tiktok aren’t actually making content. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 12:44
And they’re not being paid that well for it on there. Whereas like, because it literally pays you mad. A lot of people are moving from Tik Tok that build a following like a massive following like 1.2 1.5 mil Yep. onto other like, social media platforms to monetize it. Because yes, like, they’re not making anything from tick tock, they might have a huge following, but they need to move across to different platforms to make money. So Twitter making noise about paying 100 grand, so maybe if they start paying them properly, yeah, never know. Yeah, hopefully they stuffed it all up and disappear. Tomato cheese, you really hate tick tock, don’t you? Let’s move on to the next one.

Unknown Speaker 13:21
This was a Twitter post a tweet.

Unknown Speaker 13:25
I was gonna call them. What do you kids grow out of those Twitter posts. So this was by niche site, lady. Yesterday, I use chat GPT to write a blog went straight to number one in Google and got 3500 visits in the first 24 hours on unbeliever had blown emerging, had blown emerging. Here are the details. So you can try this method yourself. You don’t believe that? 3524 hours?

Unknown Speaker 13:54
Depends on what it was. Pretty quick. Depends on the site. She’s posting it on term. Well, yeah, true. Oh, okay. Maybe I didn’t believe it. And the key word is that banks will actually just do some not a one day keyword research. maybe who knows anyway? Well, anyway, here’s what she did. I thought the actual process behind it was pretty cool. Would you like to go through it? Let’s go through it educate me because I haven’t actually read this tweet. Well, let’s read the rest of those. Actually, it was a threat. So she came across an air table with company data. So add tables, like assess tool, store data database type tool, Google can crawl our tables, but they don’t rank very well at all. She knew that this data would do much better as a blog post. But putting all of that data into a massive 3000 word blog post was a big job. So she went over to our friend chat GPT to help. So basically put all the data into chat GPT and one section at a time because you can’t put you know, a huge amount into GPT. And she asked to make it into a paragraph. And because she had fed the AI all the facts, she knew that the output would be factually correct. So it was just a matter

Unknown Speaker 15:00
of turning it into a paragraph that was nice to read.

Unknown Speaker 15:03
Can she use chat GBT to write a title meta description and intro to that article, put in a few stock photos, and then published it on her website, then sent out an email to her list with a link to the article to get some traffic through to it. I have, you know, heard that, you know, getting some traffic through to an article can show Google that you know, it has a bit of traction and deserves to rank which will help it spike in the rankings. Yep. The next day. She says she saw a spike in analytics and was shocked to see that it was from New this post. And traffic going to it from Google. Yeah, three and a half 1500. She’s including the traffic from her

Unknown Speaker 15:40
mailing pool. Yeah, potentially, hasn’t really made that clear. But that’s pretty cool use of chat. GPT. Right. Well, the thing, finding data and turning it into a blog post without having to do too much work yourself.

Unknown Speaker 15:52
You make a very good point. What if it was all traffic? And she’s just?

Unknown Speaker 15:56
Yes, I made a mistake. Because a lot of these people on Twitter that post threads like this, let’s assume trying to build their following. So saying three and a half 1000 visits from Google mad? Well, she didn’t say from Google. She just said three and a half. Yeah, I mean, I couldn’t write that. Yeah, without any kind of like, well, you didn’t say you’re gonna build your Twitter account. I have that guy. I was actually looking at yours. It was pretty barren these days. No, I posted yesterday about metal. No, yeah, that’s another thing I like to whinge about. Better verification was that we’ve met a support and a support. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 16:27
I don’t like going back to what niche site lady or whatever her name was said. I mean, that makes doesn’t surprise me. She used AI to write three and a half 1000 words of content. And its ranking like, sir, yeah. Yeah. Well, no. Hey, you’re hating on a little.

Unknown Speaker 16:45
No, no, no, I’m not hating on it. I’m just saying like, there’s no reason why it would have rang collec. But the cool thing is the fact that she’s done it very quickly and easily. Yeah. Which is, I guess, the whole point of using tools like his chat, such as chat GPT, and like Jasper, leveraging it and writing content, quickly, like we’ve got another post from Reddit, that we’ll talk about after this, which is, I guess the opposite. But well, do you want to do that one?

Unknown Speaker 17:15
Because it segues pretty much. If you need a segue from one niche, SEO person to another this is a pretty good segue. Actually, I was referring to the one after that, but we can you not niche that lady into? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 17:31
Yeah, sorry. I’m just got my stuff mixed up. So post from Anton, Anton underscore Lex out on.

Unknown Speaker 17:40
Gotta give credit also. Okay, awesome. So he saw a tweet another post, I think we covered that last topic onward.

Unknown Speaker 17:50
So the niche SEO industry will be dead in 18 months or less, anyone can basically autogen a complete vanilla site now. So the niche sites that will last will have loyal followers, build on real trust authority and experience invest accordingly, and you will have a lasting digital asset. Hmm. So he’s basically saying the opposite. Yeah, he’s saying the nice site ladies of the world that are just churning out AI generated articles based on stuff they throw in line, will in time be wiped up? If they are, yeah, if Google decides to wipe out AI content, but they have said come out and said that they won’t be doing that. Yeah, they will not even AI content is just content and auto Gen a complete vanilla site. Now vanilla, he’s saying so just because a lot of the AI content is content for content sake. It’s not that engaging. I guess that’s the angle he’s going with there. Right. So the net the whole niche site world, right? These people publish articles on content, main topics, and then they put ads in there and they make money on the CPM. So yes, paid per 1000 impressions. But what and in time, all of that is going to fall away because a AI will answer questions, so they won’t need to be a lot of traffic going to the sites. I was seeing being bought or being chat that I’ve not even used it since I’ve tried to get access to it, but you need to need to whitelist you or something. Oh, okay. I wanted to try it out today. But apparently it’s quick and good.

Unknown Speaker 19:19
Anyway, well, what I what I wanted to say Viper chill. Glen Allsop also tweeted something that is a bit related to this. He didn’t chime in on this thread. It was his own. But he was saying he did a deep dive. And there’s a business called dot dash Meredith, and they own more sites in the top 100 overall domains in terms of traffic than anyone else. 16. And they had an earnings call recently, where they were asked how they feel about AI affecting SEO. And the general gist of it was that there’s a big difference if you want to draw the line between commodity content and differentiated content. So commodity content is just stuff that’s churned out by AI

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Yeah, it’s just really paraphrasing what’s already out there, basically, but not having any tone of voice or humour or interesting angles or any sort of compelling aspect to it, yes. Then there’s differentiated content, which has all that stuff. You know, it’s a real brand. It’s written by experts. And it’s got that behind it. And they’re saying that, you know, 50% of traffic doesn’t leave Google anymore. People will search something. And Google just answers that right there in the search results. Yep. For the traffic to leave Google, you’ve got to be offering something compelling and good and different. Sure. And if you’re just churning out content with chat, JpT, and Jasper, to check up on a niche site, where it’s just, you know, there’s sewing machines, and it’s articles and sewing machines. Yeah. And you’re expecting to make money from all the traffic, you know, ad ads being served up to that traffic? Yes, that’s the model that this guy is saying will be dead in a month? Yes. Do you agree with them?

Unknown Speaker 20:55
Kinda I lean more towards, I don’t think it would be dead, but it will take a massive hit. And a lot of the ones that are successful will have to transition to being more proper brand, rather than just a niche that okay, but going back to, I guess, let’s just say there’s a niche site for sewing machines.

Unknown Speaker 21:13
Someone’s used AI to write copy, and they’re reviewing sewing machines, right? What difference does it make if it’s written by AI? Or a person? Like what’s going to make the person written copy more engaging than the AI copy? Yeah, is my question. Yep. Well, and how do you make like, sewing machine reviews engaging? You don’t? Well, that’s the thing like that. But what this guy is getting at in time, if someone just has a question, what is the best sewing machine for? I don’t know, sewing machines within like, a hex pattern? If that’s the thing? Yeah. It would just be response instead of search results. Yeah, that those niche sites won’t be getting that traffic anymore. So then they were it’s kind of like, what happened with lyrics and things like that. When Yeah, people would always go to like it ADC lyrics or whatever the sites were, and they just got wiped out because the lyrics are now in the SERPs. Yes. The same thing. scraped by Google. Yeah. Most sites Yeah, shining the searches. Tough luck, guys. Basically, it’s pretty outrageous. But I guess that’s what’s going to happen with like, being button, like being chat and things like that. Yeah. People who don’t have time and can’t be bothered. And if there’s like five sites on sewing machine, or with AI generated content, that it’s all paraphrasing the same source material. Yes. And then there’s one absolute guru of sewing machines is just crafted by just a beautiful, imagine be engaging adequately shifts, yeah, just knows everything about them. And people like that one better, they stay on longer the user, like the intent, or user engagement signals are stronger than that one will probably do better. I think when it comes to reviews, people watch videos as well. True. Like I look, when I look at laptops or tech reviews, I don’t read them. I will go on YouTube, and I have a bunch of like YouTubers that I follow. And that’s where I get my information from. So I can’t remember the last time I actually used

Unknown Speaker 22:56
like, an actual website with copy and content. Yeah, read a review, because we know their affiliate websites most of the time. And just yeah, just can’t what their thing I’m sure I have. But I mean, like my go to was always Google. Sorry, YouTube, but a lot of them. That’s more like reviews, but there’s a lot of niche sites where they’re more informational sites. So it might be best bushwalks in Sydney. Yes. And they have the top 10 bushwalk. Yeah. And they’ve just plastered in like AdSense all over it to make an income off the ads. Yeah. Those types of sites. I think they are going to be shaken up. Pretty good term over the next 18 months. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 23:33
Okay, moving on to our last one. I’ll let you do this one. It was one you dropped in.

Unknown Speaker 23:41
Okay, this is a post on Reddit by

Unknown Speaker 23:45
can’t even read his notes. You in over two janovich Two says yes. Staying on the topic of AI and AI content. The Reddit post is titled anyone else lose the SEO writing clients to AI recently.

Unknown Speaker 24:02
Let me just zoom in because my eyes are really bad.

Unknown Speaker 24:06
Unless you want to read it, I can write it. Okay, now I’ve got it. So he’s posted and he said I lost almost all mine within a week. So all his SEO writing clients that is service for use AI as a place in content writers and SEO specialists, a client for firing me said they can do 2k words within 30 minutes at the price of $1.01 by using custom AI tools such as chat JpT is this possible? Well, I guess it is possible if it’s happened to him. So

Unknown Speaker 24:36
to me, I said 2k words Yeah. $1 $1.10

Unknown Speaker 24:41
That’s not very good earning for

Unknown Speaker 24:44
whoever’s creating it.

Unknown Speaker 24:47
They’d have to be banging out an article a minute or something to make 60 bucks a minute, an hour. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 24:53
But anyway, like, yes, it’s possible look sort of ties into what we were saying before about

Unknown Speaker 24:59
vanilla content.

Unknown Speaker 25:00
It’s going to be, just think about the sheer volume of content that’s going to be created over the coming 18 months by AI, like it was, there’s already so much content going out that Google would have crawling and indexing problems, and now it’s going to overdrive. So there’s gonna be a lot of stuff that’s put out there that just sits there in a void, you know, in the darkness never been seen by Google or people, which will be a lot of this low quality junk. Yes, sir. Yeah. But, um, if you losing your client, then he needs to change what he’s doing. needs to start using AI himself to improve his processes, right? Well, I assume so. Yeah. Like, I like Chuck GPT. And all these other tools should be just supplementary tools that you use that you can scale. And rather than writing one article, you can write 10 articles. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 25:48
You don’t have to use it to write the whole article, you can use it to write an outline, or you can use it to rewrite certain paragraphs. Or if you get stuck, use it as like a brainstorming tool. That’s what I do. Yeah, I also use it to improve stuff that I’ve written. So I’m not the best writer in the world. But if I’m writing like a paragraph, and I think this could read better, I’ll chuck it into chat GPT and say, you know, make it read better, basically. And then it gives me different variations of the same content that I’ve input, it’s just better. So

Unknown Speaker 26:19
I can definitely agree like a lot of these SEO content, writing tools, like SEO content here, auto doesn’t matter what they are, a lot of the content that they would provide, especially the low tier content was junk, like, very, very hit and miss, I’d say like nine out of 10 times, you would probably want to send it back.

Unknown Speaker 26:39
So this kind of wipes out tools like that. And I think now they’ve got their own, like draft, which was content fly, have like an AI option, where you can actually write your own content you still pay, because they’ve realised that people are now going to move away from cheap copy to AI, write it themselves, because by the time I write a brief, send it across to them, I could probably have the article written. Yeah, I was gonna say like, if your clients are firing, you’re on mass, because they can go buy, copy 2k words. 2000 words for $1.10? Yeah, I don’t get that. I don’t know what that they’re probably terrible clients as well, just bottom of the barrel type work that you’re doing for you, as a human need to be adding something or you know, operating at a level that AI can’t get to. So whether that’s niching down with your expertise, or writing sales copy, which I may or may not, it’s pretty good at that too. Like, you can get it to write landing page copy, like, you might not use it word for word, but just an outline, like it will give you the headline or give you USPS or give you benefits or give you whatever you needed to. So it’s a great tool. Yeah. Yeah, so I guess, yes, people, this guy’s losing all his clients to AI. Yeah. All right, cool. Maybe you will, too. It’s gonna be an interesting time to need to kind of pivot and adapt. And yeah, write better copy, maybe? I don’t know. I don’t know what type of copy this person’s writing but yeah, we’ll use AI. They should be using AI themselves. Yes. To speed up things. Yeah. And then looking with the angle for them to add value over and above the bottom of the barrel AI. Did you see one of the responses that I put boiler?

Unknown Speaker 28:15
Yes, leave? Can you read that? I can’t read it out my Well, there fact, this guy says open AI GPT. So Jasper AI? Yes, plus, plus grammerly. Plus Brain Juice. I don’t even know what brand juice is. That is own brains.

Unknown Speaker 28:28
Festival, brain. Everything’s a toy. Everything’s automated. Now. That equals 10x in productivity and quality, instead of blaming tech for losing clients and use it to produce more and better sci fi. I put that in there. Because I thought it was accurate. You know what I mean? Yeah. So you’ve got all these tools now to leverage. You’re gonna have to do more content, basically. Yeah. It shouldn’t take you an hour to write an article. And you know, maybe back in the day, maybe three, five years ago, but now you can do 10 articles just about adapting and scaling. And, yeah, he wrote here anyone who doesn’t use AI as an assistant as a full, I think he’s bang on Yeah, bang on grade.

Unknown Speaker 29:08
Anyway. Well, that is the last question that we have stolen from social for this week. So let’s just wrap this episode up with our trusty sign off line. Happy, sad. Happy, sad.

Unknown Speaker 29:22
Thanks for listening to the SEO show. If you like what you heard, don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review wherever you get your podcasts. It will really help the show. We’ll see you in the next episode.

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