Michael Costin

Michael Costin is co-host of The SEO Show and founder at Sydney digital marketing agency Local Digital.

Michael has worked in the digital marketing space since 2009, starting out as a self taught SEO and Google AdWords geek working at a car rental company. He built on this experience to shift into SEO agency land and worked for 3 years at a leading enterprise search marketing agency on SEO and CRO projects for brands like eBay, Unicef, Rebel Sport, The North Face, iiNet and more.

In 2015 Michael Costin co-founded Local Digital and has spent the years since building it to one of Australia’s leading digital marketing agencies. Local Digital specialise in generating leads to fill the sales pipeline of service business via clever SEO, Google Ads, social media ads and email marketing campaigns.

You can connect with Michael Costin over on Twitter where he tweets about the lessons learned scaling Local Digital. He’s also on LinkedIn if that’s your vibe.

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