ChatGPT for SEO

ChatGPT for SEO

ChatGPT for SEO

Episode 067

This week we’re adding to the noise about ChatGPT with an episode covering some of the interesting ways we have been using it for SEO.

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Hi guys, we don’t run ads on this show, we don’t try and make money from it. We don’t even really promote our agency on it. So we’re not asking anything of you normally. But I do have a little ask now, if you’ve enjoyed the show, if you’ve got value from it, if you could please go leave a review wherever you get your podcast. It’ll really help us get this show in the hands of more listeners and help more business owners. All right, let’s get into the show.

Unknown Speaker 0:23
It’s time for the SEO show where a couple of nerds talk search engine optimization, so you can learn to compete in Google and grow your business online. Now, here’s your hosts, Michael and Arthur.

Unknown Speaker 0:45
Hello, and welcome to the first episode of the SEO show for 2023. Happy New Year. Austin, what are you doing?

Unknown Speaker 0:54
Last episode of the year and we’ve cooked the intro.

Unknown Speaker 0:58
No, we haven’t. Keep going. I’m doing doing okay. How you doing? Yeah, good. Excited to be podcasting. Again, we’ve had a bit of a break just over a month or just under a month.

Unknown Speaker 1:10
The cane to get cracking and have new exciting guests and new exciting topics and even have some of the SEO team run some of the podcasts and 2023 that will be happening. Absolutely. We you may not know this, but we have about six guests lined up already. I know that you’ve told me.

Unknown Speaker 1:31
I don’t know who they are. And then we also actually have a in person now first guest in person, that’s not someone in our team. So very exciting times around here. Nice. I’ll tell you what else is exciting. Actually, it’s not exciting. It’s almost annoying at the moment, the amount that’s being spoken about and gone on about on Twitter, mainly on Twitter, every second post you see is about this. What is it?

Unknown Speaker 1:56
You’re asking me? Yeah, that’s our chat. GPT chat GPT I’m sick of those words, but we’re gonna add to the noise and do a whole episode about it today.

Unknown Speaker 2:07
Because it is making a bit of noise in the SEO world or not even the SEO world, the I guess general marketing world programming world world.

Unknown Speaker 2:16
We’re gonna look at it from an SEO point of view today, because we’ve been playing around with it and have, you know, been using it to do some pretty cool stuff, save some time.

Unknown Speaker 2:27
I don’t know people are very, very excited by this tool, probably more so than they should be. I don’t know. I feel like a lot of people that haven’t played with AI at all, are now just playing with it for the first time having their minds blown. But

Unknown Speaker 2:39
yet, it’s being talked up as like the be all end all that’s going to put people out of work. I don’t think it’s quite that but it is something that’s pretty cool for saving time and making your life easier as an SEO. Would you agree with that? Yeah, I agree with all that.

Unknown Speaker 2:54
There’s still a long way to go, I think. But, you know, the way I’ve used it, it’s been super helpful for not only SEO, but even just general queries and responding to things. And it’s just yeah, it’s spot. We’ve even used it to give different options for replies to a message from a client if you know, a funny one sassy one or a professional one. Before we get into that, maybe we should explain what it is real quick. I’m sure most people listening will have been exposed to it already.

Unknown Speaker 3:25
Chat, GBT is basically just a chat bot that’s built on top of GPT three. So that’s we’ve spoken about GPT. Three on the podcast in the past. It’s by open AI and it’s, I guess a natural language model. We actually use it in our tool, natch to rewrite content. So you know, you give it a prompt and it rewrites it. But we’ll do new versions a copy. What Chuck GPT is they basically put a chatbot on top. So now instead of having to, I guess, use API’s and software to integrate or to talk with the AI, you can just use this interface where you can ask questions to prompt it, and it will reply to you. And the reason it’s good is it’s been trained by human trainers, so they’ve got really good at understanding and answering questions.

Unknown Speaker 4:16
Anything to add to that alpha from your side?

Unknown Speaker 4:19
Ah, no, I think you nailed it. Really? That’s all it is, right? It’s just a chatbot like to AI and it just spits out. You put in a query and it’ll spit out an answer. In its simplest form, and it’s in beta for just your you’re playing with your mic. There’s making a lot of noise. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 4:38
GPT would not be impressed with that. Anyway, it’s um, it’s in beta at the moment so people can log in and use it free. I have read that it’s costing open ai $3 million a day to run the tool at the moment. Because of the amount of use it’s getting like it’s just it was released back in November. And absolutely nuts with people using it for

Unknown Speaker 5:00
Everything in like every second post on Twitter, as I said, is people sharing some boring chat GPT query?

Unknown Speaker 5:07
And it’s not surprising, though. I mean, it’s definitely you know, I only heard about it in December, and then people started talking about it. We started talking about it in group chats. And now the whole office is talking about and I’m playing around with it. Yeah. As of yesterday, it was super slow and super laggy.

Unknown Speaker 5:25
It took forever to respond to anything. And then this morning, it’s down. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 5:31
we were going to probably dip in and out of it and use it while we did this party, but we can’t even use it at the moment because it’s so popular.

Unknown Speaker 5:40
People are calling it a Google killer, Google’s dead because of chat. GPT. I don’t agree with that. I think Google have something like this, you know, many, many times more powerful and better. They’re just not giving it to the public at the moment. So I don’t think we should have any worry for Google dying. Yeah, looking once a search engine once a chatbot, like two very different applications. So you can’t

Unknown Speaker 6:03
can’t really answer questions, you know, where people might go to Google and go, How far away is a son?

Unknown Speaker 6:09
Now, everyone’s saying, well, chat GPT will be used for that fun. I don’t see how that’s a Google killer, because the commercial intent is not like, you know, construction lawyer near me, you’re not going to chat GPT to look for that. Yeah, I think perhaps might just be a fad, a bit of hype as well, like, yeah, it’s just it being at the moment, but then a couple of months time, you know, it will kind of fizzle out, people will just get bored of it really. I mean, the people like I’ll use it still to help out with work and whatnot. But I guess the general kind of hype and Buzz will die down.

Unknown Speaker 6:45
Chat GPT, not chat GPT. But GPT for the new models coming at some point this year as well, which will probably change the game yet again.

Unknown Speaker 6:54
But for now, I guess there’s tonnes of hype. As we said, like every second post, I see someone going, most people don’t know how to use chat GPT. But his seven guide his seven tips on how to use it. They’re putting out ebooks and sort of promoting themselves as a chat GPT expert, even though it’s been around for like one or two months, I find amusing. We’re not trying to say we’re experts by any stretch of the imagination. But we have played around with it for SEO purposes. And we have a few cool things that we’ve done with it that we wanted to share with you guys. So maybe with all that preamble out of the way, let’s jump into some of the stuff we’ve been doing.

Unknown Speaker 7:31
Let’s, I’m going to start with suburb pages. I love me some suburb pages in SEO, depending on the type of business, let’s say you’re a florist, and you said this particular geographical area that you want your audience to be coming from, then it makes sense to create pages for those areas of the suburbs. In the past, the way we might have done that is to try and find big lists of suburbs and

Unknown Speaker 7:59
separate them out into regions and then create content around it. I wanted to see what it was like doing it in chat GPT. So I logged in. And the first prompt I gave it was what suburbs are in the MacArthur region in New South Wales. And it just in front of my eyes spit out a list of how many suburbs like 70 of them in a lift. So I copied and pasted them drop them in a Excel doc. But then I went back to chat GPT and said, alright, we’ll write five SEO optimised title tags for an air conditioning company in Sydney. And it gave five title tags. I liked the third one. So I said, Alright, take the third one and rewrite that title so that the word Sydney is replaced with all of the suburbs in the McArthur list, and it did that. So stuff that would have involved, you know, going into Excel and doing fine and replace or some sort of, you know, hackery to try and create a list of customised meta titles for suburb locations or using I guess, like programmatic approach and the back end of WordPress has just been done in literally 30 seconds in chat GPT, which I thought was really cool.

Unknown Speaker 9:06
Then I went and said, Look, write 250 words about each of these suburbs as well as air conditioning in the area. And it went and spat out 250 words very dull, bland line and length copy that talked about that suburb landmarks in the area, things that you might see or do there as well as air conditioning services. So stuff that you might have found out to copywriters in the past. It’s doing so now we’re going to talk about whether this is good or not in a minute.

Unknown Speaker 9:35
But in a matter of, let’s say a couple of minutes, I went from having nothing to having a list of every suburb a customised meta title tag for it and a blurb of copy to 70 pages that I could then in theory, upload to my local business website and try and get some Google visibility. Nice. What do you reckon of that? Do you know he’ll be sweating at the moment?

Unknown Speaker 9:56
Well, copywriters in general, but copywriting services SEO

Unknown Speaker 10:00
copywriting services her. I have no doubt I using AI or like Jasper or even chat GBT to write content. Yes. Because a lot of the stuff they write it can be pretty shit. But you know, using this, you can get it done, like you said in a couple of couple of clicks couple of minutes. And you have, you know, SEO a landing page copy for suburbs done. Yeah. So how on earth like, it’s like, for me, the way I would use this, right is create all of this stuff, get it up there and get Google to crawl it, have a bit of time there so that it can settle in, you know, see if it starts ranking in the search results. And you might then go back and fine tune the pages, you know, rewrite some of the copies so that it isn’t so chat GPT II.

Unknown Speaker 10:51
But you don’t need to do that from the start. So you’re sort of, you’re speeding up your whole process, like crank this stuff out. And then fine tune stuff, once it’s ranking might be one way of doing it. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 11:03
Because you were mentioning off there, there’s, you notice something about watermarking or something where people were able to detect this or even open AI?

Unknown Speaker 11:12
Potentially watermarking. Right. So yeah, we’ll talk about that right now. Because that is an aspect of this, you know, we know that Google may not necessarily want everyone just using AI to trick it.

Unknown Speaker 11:24
So what was it that was going on with the watermarking side of things that might be a detriment to this? Well, they were discussing it out basically the possibility of using cryptographic watermarking. So like digital watermarking, which is used in digital files at the moment, but it’s a bit hard to do it when you’re just exporting text. So if it’s a file, different story, when it’s text, you can just copy and paste it. So they’re talking about using specific patterns, or, I guess, yeah, just patterns, predictable patterns. In the, I guess the text that it spits out, that can be detected. So maybe like, like, let’s say, the first letter of each sentence starts with like, the letters, this is written by Chet JP to something say, yeah, something of something you wouldn’t notice. If you’re writing like long form copy,

Unknown Speaker 12:15
you would never even pick up on it button.

Unknown Speaker 12:18
Google or whatever, whatever tools might pick up on it. But then there might be tools that will pick up on it that will allow you to change it to remove that watermark. So yeah, there’ll be a lot of back and forth. Well, in my opinion, it’s been our experience so far with AI content that you shouldn’t just let the stuff it spits out,

Unknown Speaker 12:38
ultimately, is not what you want to end up with, like you can tweak it and change it and put your own spin on it, maybe put a joke or something in the first paragraph. And that alone is usually enough to throw off a lot of these AI copy detecting tools.

Unknown Speaker 12:52
With that thing I spoke about before sub pages, I wouldn’t even bother doing that. At first, this is like more about rapidly getting stuff up index, and then you can fine tune it in time if it’s worth your effort to. Yeah, exactly my like you should, you should never use like AI to write copy to slap it on the website, because it might work. But it’s not going to read very well, like you should always try to optimise it, make it read better for humans. That’s just a good way to kind of get ideas and the foundations and then build upon it. I’m guessing that my approach with that suburb stuff, I would have said that you know, all of your stuff above the fold your your money copy is still, you know, kind of salesy in tune to the end user. And this is disappointing copy lower down the page that no one’s ever going to read, you know, no human is anyway, it’s more just for Google’s benefit to get your rankings. So

Unknown Speaker 13:43
the fact that that is going to take a couple of minutes as opposed to hours like it might have in the past is very cool.

Unknown Speaker 13:51
Coming back to that watermarking I’ve been seeing a lot of people talking about how chap GPT is just a absolute killer for schools, because people are able to write a bloody essay that yeah, distinction level marks just by using chat. GPT real fear is that we’re going to create a whole bunch of like, kids who just use chat GPT for all their tests, get results, you know, their, their hand in, but they don’t actually understand or know anything.

Unknown Speaker 14:23
So that watermarking will be really good for that. Because we don’t want that. Like can you imagine a world where people get all these awesome results, and then

Unknown Speaker 14:30
the computer and an office and they’ve got no idea what they’re doing. I wish this existed when I was in uni. I can tell you that. Yeah, I mean, we had plagiarism detectors. Every essay that I had to submit had to go through a plagiarism detector, but I guess this is like next level, isn’t it?

Unknown Speaker 14:45
I was reading an article today that there’s people like there’s one college student that’s already created like an app that can detect you chat GBT copy, and there’s other people out there doing the same so yeah, it’s only a matter of time until they find a way

Unknown Speaker 15:00
to crack it, but But like with everything that’s going to be like ways around it, sir. Well, the thing is right chat GB t is just on GPT three, which has been out for a while now, like a lot of the stuff that chat GPT is using is information that’s even a couple of years old now, like the model. Any new I think it’s like 2021. Yeah, it’s pretty well understood. I guarantee you that Google with all of their, like, the smartest engineers in the world working on this stuff, streets ahead of where this chat GPT is. So yeah, quite as magic as some people are making out online. But um, no, let’s move on from an SEO point of view and have a chat about some other stuff. It does. Because from a saving time perspective, it really is awesome. Yeah, I’ve been using it for meta descriptions, right? So basically, you can just ask it, you can plug in a couple of URLs or a URL and ask it to write the best meta description will give you options for different meta descriptions for that page. Yeah, and it’ll just spit out different variations of it. And then you can, I guess, go further than that. To add a call to action, make it more salesy. Make it funny, you know, you can kind of really narrow down on exactly what you’re trying to achieve. And then similar to what you did, I guess, with the location pages, you can spit out hundreds of different meta descriptions for

Unknown Speaker 16:20
different category pages on a website. Yeah. So if you’re working on, let’s just say, working on an E commerce site, you can just, I guess, your keyword mapping can be done in a fraction of the time that would normally take. Yeah, which is good. You know, that’s for us. So years. Oh, I remember the days of manually writing every single meta description for econ website. Yeah. So to hundreds and hundreds of pages. So now you could just like, let’s say, Chuck GVT, come up with six different meta description structures. And then give it a list of keywords that correspond to all the pages and just alternate between them all. So that, you know, you generally have a bunch of different meta descriptions. But it’s all turned out in a matter of seconds. Right? Yeah, you could probably just upload a list of URLs like yeah, a dozen at a time or whatever at a time and just say, write the best meta description for these URLs. Yeah, that uses a call to action to encourage a purchase. Yeah. And make it you know, under 165 characters, yeah, you can. Very cool, very cool, massive time saver. On the technical side of things as well, where I’ve found that is super cool, is stuff like regex, regular expression, and htaccess. So htaccess, for example, you know, when you go in there, you might use a htaccess file on your server to apply redirect rules. Let’s say you’ve migrated to a new website, and you’re trying to map all directories, to a new directory on your website to the URLs of change.

Unknown Speaker 17:53
Going into htaccess. And making changes is fraught with danger. Because if you make one mistake, it can put your whole website down. So an example might be people on WordPress, if you stuff up your htaccess, you’ll get a white screen, you can’t log into your WordPress, you can’t do anything and for business owners that are playing around with htaccess. I’m not sure how many do but I’m sure some do. Or maybe new SEOs that aren’t, I guess, too sure of what they’re doing. Very, very easy to break your site. I had to play around with chat GPT. And I went into it and I gave it the right and htaccess file that redirects all URLs with forward slash services forward slash in the path to the root. So what I’m saying here is, I used to have pages showing on services that don’t exist anymore, and they just redirecting back to the homepage. So if anyone visits them, now they go straight to the homepage.

Unknown Speaker 18:46
What could have been fraught with danger? Like typically what people will do is go search how to do that on Google, maybe copy paste stuff, put it into their htaccess. Bridgette.

Unknown Speaker 18:56
Chat GPT has just spat out what the htaccess code should be, and why it’s been written that way. And like how it will function, which I thought was really cool. You don’t have to go Google for ideas. You don’t have to figure things out yourself. You just plug it into jet GPT. And Bob’s your uncle.

Unknown Speaker 19:15
Really cool. Really cool for like coders as well, you know, debugging code writing code. I’ve got a friend that does network engineering, and he uses it a lot when he’s like trying to solve problems with networks or it’s yeah, really, really handy for technical things like that. Yeah, like plug in some code and go tell me what’s wrong with this. You did. I think when we spoke about last year, you mentioned that people were going on like Stack Overflow and writing responses to questions, but the responses were incorrect. Yes. So yeah, that can be an issue as well. People might put in too much faith into what chat GPT tells them.

Unknown Speaker 19:55
Yes and incorrect information a lot. That’s sort of what’s been happening.

Unknown Speaker 20:00

Unknown Speaker 20:03
like people, just, as I said, we’re coming back to the height where people just think it’s just this genius, like, world changing. In a way it’s world changing, but it’s not, it’s not.

Unknown Speaker 20:15
It’s just relying on information that it’s hoovered up from the internet and using these models to understand it all and give answers. So any of those inputs are wrong, then it potentially could give you wrong information. But um, I find with more simple stuff like htaccess, another one, I said before the regex, like,

Unknown Speaker 20:34
I don’t, I haven’t really done much with regex. For a while back, when I was sort of in the weeds, doing more technical SEO audits, crawls of websites, I might have used regex, or even in Google Analytics, you know, you might put regex into exclusions URLs you’re trying to exclude, for example.

Unknown Speaker 20:52
So you only sort of dipping your toes into using reg x here, and they’re generally speaking. So you’re not reg X expert, right. So generally, what you’ll do is go search guides or articles, or you know, how do I do this? And you might go look on Stack Overflow, if they have answers there. Now I find with REG X, you can just put in there a prompt. So you might say, give me a regex that excludes a certain path from URLs. And then you can copy and paste that into Screaming Frog so that when it’s crawling, it automatically does that without you having to really think about it. And it’s gonna get that stuff, right. Most Yeah. It’s more than, you know, full on coding and sort of going really in depth with stuff where, unless you have the knowledge to debug it,

Unknown Speaker 21:35
it could could get you into trouble. Yeah. Yeah. All right. What else? Have you used it for anything else cool in terms of technical or on site, or?

Unknown Speaker 21:46
I haven’t personally use it. But looking at a couple of things that people have done on Twitter. Generating FAQs. Yep. So basically just giving it the prompt to create 10 Different FAQs based on a specific bit of content. And then it will just spit out those FAQs. And then you can start building out, you know, different pages, FAQ pages, you can probably build out whole content calendars based on what chat GPT can spit out for you. So there’s always that, that side of things that you can do very content based stuff, I think, yeah, I think on the content side of things, one that I’ve played around is like a good thing for content creation is going on Quora, and Reddit and seeing what people are asking, like, I know in the past, for our stolen from social, you know, we just go on Quora, or Reddit, Twitter, find interesting things, and then speak about it. You can sort of use chat GPT to do that on your behalf. For example, let’s say you’re a accountant, you want to create some content for your blog, we’re going to chat GPT and write and provide a list of Reddit questions about tax minimization. or provide a list of core questions about

Unknown Speaker 23:02
asset protection, or that sort of stuff. And it’s going to use its, I guess, knowledge of what’s on those platforms, right, and how it does it, but it will spit out a whole bunch of questions. And if you’re not happy with them, you can regenerate them over and over and just very rapidly build up a list of good content ideas that you could then go and create, copy around without ever having to search google or Go onto those platforms and look for them. So it’s a shame that we can’t do it now. Because it’s sort of imperfect time to kind of test it out.

Unknown Speaker 23:32
Have you tried logging into chat? GPT? We’ve been on Yeah, I’m refreshing it now. It’s still capacity, not a nerve, it might be down for a while. It’s been down all morning. Well, maybe we’ll find like surely like coming back to that three mil a day that they’re spending on it, if that’s to be believed, at some point, they’re gonna have to start charging for it or restricting use of it, right? Like if I thought you had to have a open AI account to use it before? Yeah, you do. But that if anyone can create that, so not a paid account, just not just because you have to obviously log in to use it, but I thought you had to had some sort of paid account or credits or not other to use it, they’ll change it will like they’re basically using everyone using the tool to further train the model. So I guess that’s why they’re doing it and they would have a budget for it that they’re happy to invest in at some point that will stop

Unknown Speaker 24:28
and then who knows, like I guess in an ideal world, they just go to charging for it like they do you know, we use GPT three and alto and we just pay

Unknown Speaker 24:38
you know, usage fees based on credits right as it Yeah. So might be that.

Unknown Speaker 24:45
But for now,

Unknown Speaker 24:47
it’s just open, you know, open slobber, you can use it as much as you want. I have used it to try and see if it’s any good at spitting out tweets. So I wanted to go in there and say, right gonna suggest that to

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Yeah, it’s terrible. Really, unless you want unless you want your tweets domain Absolutely. Like nothing like, yeah, I went in there write a controversial tweet about. I wish I could log in and find it and have it open on one of my many browser tabs. I’ve got open here. But I was just saying, like, write a controversial cheap tweet about marketing.

Unknown Speaker 25:22
He came up with the most droll generic, bland stuff that

Unknown Speaker 25:28
I would never post. It even had little hashtags in there.

Unknown Speaker 25:32
So yeah, it’s still at capacity. But um, yeah, I’ve given it multiple attempts to write a controversial one or write a humorous one. And like, the humorous, one might be like, Why did the SEO cross the road?

Unknown Speaker 25:44
To get to the other side of the browser or something like that? Like, just not funny at all? That’s pretty funny. No,

Unknown Speaker 25:51
I can see that on your Twitter, even though it said, like, I made that one up. So you know, I might be a bit better than GPT as a comedian, but um, it’s really I personally think it’s terrible for that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 26:05
I mean, it’s good for like ideas, you know, like, you need ideas for anything, not just SEO in general, like what’s 10 good ideas for kids birthday party?

Unknown Speaker 26:14
Or like, if you if you try to do creative, like, what’s a good way to kind of, you know, structure a certain thing or there’s just Yeah, it’s all about like, idea generation, just like, what like headline for my site like you have a headline? Yeah, paste it in and go write me more catchy headlines in this one. So I saw an example a guy shared where he gave like, five or six different titles about architecture, the prompt and make these titles more catchy. So the title he gave was the role of an architect in house editions, very. Chat GPT goes, here’s some possible catchy alternatives. The magic of house additions, how architects transform your home. So that’s much better than the one he had. Yeah, without any effort on his behalf. Yeah, we were like I was using it during the, during the break to muck around with it with friends. So we were like, just chilling. And we’re just putting in this random like Mr. Random prompt. So like, write a short story about like, Scott,

Unknown Speaker 27:11
about him, like doing a diet, and then whatever. And then it will spit out a ridiculous story. And then you can ask it to write the story in the I guess, perspective of a certain thing. So I did one for Robin, the SEO team about him being speed demon, and it started talking about rollerblades. So then I made it, I asked her to write the story as a love story in the perspective of the roller braid. We literally just rewrote it and like and made it a love story about rollerblade that fell in love with Rob as a speed demon. And it’s just, it’s just fun. Like, it’s just yeah, that’s awesome. That three there three mil a day of doing people like messing around with it. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 27:49
I actually saw something on Twitter that I thought was very cool from this company where they had, they’re using chat GPT and some sort of like

Unknown Speaker 27:59
audio API where it can train a model of your voice. And it was synced up to deal with like big companies. So let’s say Telstra have overcharged you 10 bucks. Normally, you would have to call them up and deal with the pain of going through their automated prompts and speaking to someone to try and get that refunded and invest 15 to 30 minutes of your life to try and get 10 bucks back, it’s not worth it, you don’t do it. What this tool does is it calls it listens to the Colts and converts whatever is being said into tech second, like understand it, and then it responds to it using your voice. So there’s a little bit of a delay of people speak at sort of takes a couple of seconds to analyse what was said and then respond to it. But this tool was trained to chase down like overdue or like overcharged fees from banks and like, deal with the person on the other end keep asking you like I want a refund. I want a refund sort of thing. And I saw this like it was a two minute long video where the whole call was handled by this AI on behalf of this person without them having to do it. Wow. So the person on the other end didn’t even know they were talking to AI they probably just talk thought they were talking to like, some slow person’s

Unknown Speaker 29:11
responses was slow and sort of a bit weird the way they were spoken. But he got the results. He’s getting his feedback. So wow, who knows where that can head like we’re gonna end up in a world where AI is talking to other AI on behalf I was literally gonna ask you that imagine if we got chat GPT to talk to chat GBT and other bot yeah, see where that kind of ended up like that clients will have a chat GPT bot talking to us with a chat GPT bot. Maybe Yeah, just hiding in doors like never, you know, it’ll be purely sitting in DOORS remote. No human interaction chat. GPT doing everything while humans just watch. Netflix. That’s where it’s headed.

Unknown Speaker 29:55
Me too. Excellent. Where is it headed is chat Jeep

Unknown Speaker 30:00

Unknown Speaker 30:01
the total game changer for the world, or is it more just a useful tool for getting some SEO stuff done a bit quicker, in your opinion at the moment? Chachi PT or AI in general? Chat GPT? Because that’s the one that’s on everyone’s lips at the moment.

Unknown Speaker 30:18
I think it’s just a tool, I think it’s going to be a tool that’s going to get better. But I don’t think it’s ever going to replace humans. Like

Unknown Speaker 30:25
it’s there’s a lot of limitations. Still, I think, like, you need to obviously input stuff. So the stuff that comes out isn’t always perfect. So there’s always going to be that kind of human element to it, you know, QC, what comes out cross checking and making sure what comes out is correct. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 30:43
it will evolve, we’ll get that off. To me, it’s just a super handy tool that can cut the time of tasks, you know, yeah, not even in half, but into a fraction of the time that what it would normally take a low level menial sort of stuff, anything. Like there’s a lot of knowledge behind it, and simple code, or creating lists from data, reformatting lists of data into like, you know, columns and all that awesome for that. Yeah, I’m saving, but it’s not going to replace. It’s not like, someone can go alright, I’m replacing my marketing manager with chat. GPT. No, that will that will never happen. Well, never say never. But not anytime soon. Yeah, probably not in our lifetime. Google’s wet dream, right, there is no marketing managers just plug into Google and let them do what they want with your credit card. That’s where they’re trying to get to. I don’t know that. We’re anywhere near that at this point. But dependently, you know, things evolve fast, right? But yeah, we don’t know we don’t, it’s hard to say, I guess in the in the near future, it’s just going to be a tool that will get better, but it’s just going to be something that we can use to assist us and speed up things. Alright, and then long term, we can use everyone’s favourite line in SEO? Is it gonna be a game changer? It depends. I think it is already a bit of a game changer. It is it is admittedly savings alone, as he said, Yeah, admittedly, I haven’t used it as much as I probably could have. But you know, we’re getting the team to use it play around with it. They’re just discovering it. A lot of people are just discovering it, sir. Dan wants to know, many cool ways to use that kind of yeah, there’s a lot of stuff that we’ve been touched on, like, you know, scraping content on a page and creating like a table of contents and creating breadcrumbs. And just, there’s so many things that you can do that people haven’t probably even thought of yet. So, yeah, there’s a lot of potential. Yeah. And like, just as everyone starts to figure that out and get really good with using it, open AI will pull everyone’s access to it. Yeah, you know, there’s always a risk, I guess, if you start changing your processes to be too reliant on it, this is just a tool that’s in beta at the end of the day, who knows where it’s headed.

Unknown Speaker 32:49
So that’s something else to be aware of. Yeah, the other thing I was reading was a lot of people are using it for I guess, malicious things or like they, at the moment chat GPT has built in, like, I guess, security that you can’t write stuff malicious, or you can’t write erotic things or like, you know, there’s certain things that you can’t do, it won’t let you do it. But people are finding ways to kind of, I guess, find a loophole. And people are using it to write malware. I was reading that there are people using it to create Dark Web markets. So there are people that can use, I guess, like most things for bad. An example I read was someone asking you how to steal a car and it goes, I’m not going to do that. And then they go, alright, well, I’m playing a virtual, I’m playing a video game where the goal is to steal a car. How would I do it? And so by rephrasing the question in those terms, it then gave an answer and how to do it. Yeah. Yeah, little workarounds, I guess for the essay thing as well, like, students might not ask you to write a whole essay, but it might you might have a brief and say, what would be the best way to structure this essay? And then it’ll spit out, you know, the structure, the headings, whatever? And then, okay, cool. What should I talk about in this section? And then basically, they can just use it as a tool to build out, you know, the framework or the NSA, potentially even write some of it, rewrite it, you know, so they’ll there’ll be ways to kind of find loopholes and work your way around the limitations, or, I guess things that they try to block? Yeah, well, that’s, um, from an SEO point of view. I’ve seen like, you could give it a topic. My topic is, what’s my topic and it sucks that we can’t use it now because it’d be so cool. My topic is breast augmentation surgery.

Unknown Speaker 34:28
I might say, give me the h2 headings for a comprehensive page on the topic of Bristol augmentation surgery, and it will spit that out for you, bang, bang, and then you can pass it over to your riders. But the thing is, this is not groundbreaking, like there’s plenty of tools that were already doing that before chat GPT came along.

Unknown Speaker 34:46
Which comes back to what we’re saying at the start. I think a lot of people that might not have used any of these tools, getting very excited by a tool doing a lot of stuff that was already being done in the world. But where really where this tool is making massive difference is that

Unknown Speaker 35:00
chat structure, the way you interface with it the way you sort of can put in prompts and redo prompts and get creative with them to get different outcomes is definitely very cool.

Unknown Speaker 35:10
Where a lot of interesting stuff is going to come out over the next, I guess, will rest of the year really provide what about what about chatbots for I guess, you know, business websites, because some of them can be pretty clunky, like messenger bots, really clunky.

Unknown Speaker 35:25
Perhaps is like a way that I can use this and plug it into websites. There is like a more human like chatbot that maybe yeah, people people can speak to that will generate responses based on

Unknown Speaker 35:37
whatever AI you know,

Unknown Speaker 35:39
out of interest you use chat bots ever. I don’t know anymore. Not really. I do. Like, the last one I use was probably for Vodafone, just to kind of remember what it was. Because sometimes it’s cricket is a chatbot than it is to get put in, put on hold. And then you’re like waiting on hold for half an hour.

Unknown Speaker 35:57
Generally that pretty quick, like you get a human or someone on the other end pretty quickly with live chat. But yeah, other than that, no, I don’t. We used to use it for clients. And it was a lot of time wasters. Usually, we used to use it for ourselves even and then we stopped because just no one was using it anymore. Well, no one uses it. And the people that do it’s just time wasters. Like yeah, you have to have someone there on the other end, like responding like that, otherwise, they’re gonna hurt your conversion rate. It’s gonna piss people off. So yeah. And the question is, like, how much? How much? Questions? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 36:34
Stuff that can be, you know, answered with an FAQ. Yeah, but I guess this is where chat GPD can come in, and hopefully have like a more advanced chatbot it will probably be able to, like, take what all the questions that people are putting in there, start formulating, you know, responses. Yeah, more like human like responses. Or it could be that people will be talking to chat bots, not realising that it is actually AI thinking it’s a human on the other end? Absolutely. That’s already like, you know, there’s chat bots that you can train on your knowledge base. So like big companies, like your Vodafone for the world would have very detailed knowledge bases and documentation, standard operating procedures. I can just read all of that and understand it all so that when questions are coming in, they can answer it really quickly. So

Unknown Speaker 37:20
when this is what we’re saying, we’re going to head to this Nirvana where

Unknown Speaker 37:25
there’s very little human interaction seemingly, I kind of I want to play around with Dolly dolly to like, I haven’t played with that at all.

Unknown Speaker 37:34
That looks fun. We’ll play with it. And next week, we’ll do an episode on Delhi to for SEO?

Unknown Speaker 37:39
We can do we have access to it? Do we

Unknown Speaker 37:44
that into that one?

Unknown Speaker 37:46
Yeah. I haven’t really like these ones, chat. GPT where there’s immediate use for it and GPT three and now tool in the LEC, where it’s more just fun. So you could just find it rollerskating image of Rob, for example, and have some fun, but actual outcome through business. It hasn’t been as immediately obvious to me to use, I guess generating like, featured images for blogs and that sort of stuff at scale. It could be I’m thinking what if you could probably use it for like creative, so not this year. But maybe like Facebook, you know, create a credit banner for Facebook

Unknown Speaker 38:20
with this call to action, this text and this background and this person doing this? And yeah, maybe you could use it for that. What we’re touching on the other day, like ads will be written by AI with creative than by AI is served up by AI selling products to hopefully people but largely what’s on Display Network, and it’s just a whole bunch of computers talking to

Unknown Speaker 38:43
the metaverse. Oh, don’t even get me started. All right. Well, let’s, let’s wrap things up. I think we’ve somewhat covered the topic of chat GPT today.

Unknown Speaker 38:53
Go on Twitter, search that word, you will be inundated with posts, you’ll probably find some really cool stuff that we’ve covered here and maybe some other stuff that you find interesting. But that is all for this episode of the SEO show. So until next time, happy SEO and see ya. Thanks for listening to the SEO show. If you like what you heard, don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review wherever you get your podcasts. It will really help the show. We’ll see you in the next episode.

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